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Turfgrass Agronomic Services

  • Our services provide sound, easy to follow agronomic programs that give comprehensive soulutions.

  • We offer solid maintenance programs from the highest level of industry standards to budget conscious operations.

  • Attention to details are what we specialize in.  The small details are the difference between a good golf course and a great one.

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Soil and Water Analysis

  • We specialize in thorough soil and water analysis with sound recommendations from the industry's top laboratory. 

  • Our goal is to provide soil programs that correct deficiencies and create long term sustainability. 

  • We prepare easy to follow recommendations that spell out each rate of application.

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Spraying Services

  • Weed and disease control, fertilizer applications, growth regulators and wetting agent applications.

  • Professional 300-gallon spray unit.

  • California certified pesticide applicator.

Personnel Mentoring

Tournament Preparation and Operations

  • With over 20 years experience as a Golf Course Superintendent, we understand the importance of working closely with the Superintendent to develop sound professional, agronomic and communication skills.

  • Having developed over 25 Assistant Superintendents and Golf Course Interns into successful Superintendents, we understand how important the mentoring and coaching process can be.  

  • Our programs stress the importance of being a professional in communication with ownership, management, co-workers and staff. 

  • We are extensivly versed in all aspects of golf course & sports turf construction and renovation practices.

  • State of the art irrigation design and installation.

  • Green/tee/bunker construction from grading to grassing.

  • Golf Course Renovation Design and Implementation.

  • Project Management

  • Budget formulation and oversight.

  • Our speciality is to assist your operation in providing sound tournament solutions from club championships to PGA Tour / Major Golf Championships.

  • We analyze the course & set up and provide programs that specifically outline steps to assist the Golf Course Superintendent in preparing for a tournament.

  • Train staff in proper tournament maintenance practices focusing on playability and aestetics.   

Construction and Renovation


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Soil Testing

  • $75/soil sample includes written analysis of soil testing results and specific products and recommended rates of application.

Shadow Creek - Hole #17 Green

Full & Half Day
Agronomic Visit

  • Fees based on individual needs of the property. 

  • Visits are followed up by a written analysis summarizing the visit, agronomic observations, and programs for improvement.

  • Customized agronomic programs detailing mowing height of cut & frequency, irrigation, and aerification schedules. 

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Monthly Retainer
Agronomic Visit(s)

  • Multiple monthly site visits.

  • Written analysis summarizing visits, agronomic observations, and programs for improvement.

  • Customized agronomic programs detailing mowing height of cut & frequency, irrigation, and aerification schedules.

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